GBAC 9140 Bonding Additive has been formulated to improve the adhesion on to tightly woven waterproofed nylon fabrics.




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  • Technical Data

    Instructions for use:

    Add 10-15% by weight to any plastisol ink to increase adhesion to nylon fabrics.

    For heavily waterproofed garments or with high opacity inks, we recommend the maximum percentage of additive.

    The ink will be reduced in viscosity, however, if this is found to be too low, allow to stand for 2 hours whereby the ink will thicken.

    Print and cure as normal for the particular ink used. Full adhesion will take about 72 hours.

    Once the additive has been added the ink has a pot life of 8-10 hours. Do not return and residual ink back into the original ink.

    Inks containing the additive are difficult to remove when dry, so ensure screens are cleaned thoroughly after printing.