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GHOP plastisols are designed for both direct printing and cold peel transfers. The inks are formulated for maximum opacity and yet give a soft matt feel with excellent wet on wet printability.


For the lighter colour garments, the GHOP range can be reduced with the specific extender base in order to be cost effective.


  • Delivery

    In stock and available to ship on overnight delivery to most parts of the U.K. Postcode and area restrictions apply.

  • Technical Specifications

    Mesh Size: Print through a 43 - 110T mesh

    Stencils: Use TC6016 Emulsion No.5 or TC6043 Emulsion No.14

    Curing: 160°C to achieve full wash fastness 1.5-3 minutes dwell time

    Transfer Printing: Ink must be partially cured at 100°C for 30-60 seconds. Overcuring may impair the adhesion of the transfer to the garment

    Final transfer 180-190°C for 10-15 sceonds. Transfer paper should be cool before removal

    Washability: Excellent - do not dry clean or iron printed areas

    Caution: Always test this product for print qualities required before use in print production

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