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TC6011 Stencil Water Proofer is a liquid solution formulated to be used to increase the water resistance of photostencils.

Water resistant stencils produced from TC6016 Diazo Emulsion No 5 or TC6042 Dual Cure Emulsion No 12 can be enhanced further on post hardening with TC6011 Stencil Water Proofer.

Other non water resistant emulsions can be hardened by TC6011 Stencil Water Proofer to give some degree of resistance to water based inks for short term runs. Recommended for use only with polyester mesh.


SKU: TC6011
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    In stock and available to ship on overnight delivery to most parts of the U.K. Postcode and area restrictions apply.

  • Technical Data

    Instructions for use:

    1. Make a stencil and dry thoroughly

    2. Apply TC6011 Stencil Water Proofer to both sides of stencil with a sponge or cloth

    3. Dry screen in a horizontal position

    4. When thoroughly dry, place in an oven or pass through a suitable drier at a temperature of 60°C for 10 minutes. For further improvement, cure for a longer period


    Stencils treated in this way are generally very difficult to remove, but by using TC6008 Decoating Agent in conjunction with a high pressure hose, screens that have been cured for short periods are easier to recover.

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