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Puff Additive enables the conversion of coloured plastisol ink into a puff ink to give the raised print effect.


Additions of between 3 and 5% can also be used to increase the opacity of coloured inks with the minimal colour change.


  • Delivery

    In stock and available to ship on overnight delivery to most parts of the U.K. Postcode and area restrictions apply.

  • Technical Data

    Percentage Addition: Coloured inks - up to 10%

    White inks - up to 15%

    Mesh Size: Print through a 34-55T mesh

    Stencils: Use TC6016 Emulsion No 5 or TC6043 Emulsion No 14

    Curing: 150-160°C. Too high or too long will reduce the puff effect

    Washability: Excellent - do not dry clean or iron printed areas

    Printing: For best results, add 20-30% GBAC9010 Soft Hand Base

    Caution: Always test this product for print qualities required before use in print production

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