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GOM 2500 Black can be used in the production of both hot split and coold peel transfers. A dense black designed for high quality printing on high speed print machines or maunual pressers.


SKU: GOM2500
  • Delivery

    In stock and available to ship on overnight delivery to most parts of the U.K. Order before 3pm for next day shipping. Postcode and area restrictions apply.

  • Technical Specifications

    Mesh Size: Print through a 43T-110T mesh

    Stencils: Use Emulsion TC6016 No.5 or TC6042. No.12

    Curing: 160°C to achieve full wash fastness 1.5-3 minutes dwell time

    Transfer Printing: Ink must be partially cured at 100°C for 30-60 seconds. Overcuring may impair the adhesion of the transfer to the garment.

    Final Transfer 180-190°C for 10-15 seconds. Transfer paper should be cool before removal

    Washability: Excellent - do not dry clean or iron printed areas

    Caution: Always test this product for print qualities required before use in print production

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